FMGCloud Products

- Data, PVT Data & Big Data

  • FMG offers customers with Cloud Computing Solution, which is a Cloud Platform in a modular structure and can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

  • Unlike traditional software licenses, the Platform is built on the customer’s internal network and can be viewed as “Enterprise Licenses” of the required modules which have all the merits and benefits from cloud computing services: 

    1. no installation and configuration is required on each user’s PC;

    2. easy to access to the application by logging onto the company’s server;

    3. convenient and fast online computing can be done on PC, iPad or mobile phone anytime, anywhere;

    4. the data and information sharing can be achieved among users within the same company;

    5. any new modules can be added any time later on, and so on.

  • The FMG Cloud Platform makes big data analysis possible by developing a data basis on top of the platform. It would be particularly applicable for the storage tank VOC emission module that can be used to analyze the emission factors for the entire geographic region.

  • The FMG Cloud Platform is capable of generating PVT data files as input to some well-known reservoir simulators, such as Eclipse, VIP and STARS.

  • The FMG Cloud Platform is for the purchaser in-house use only. Multiple copies of FMG Cloud Platform can be made within the purchaser’s organization. However, the FMG Cloud platform cannot be transferred or re-sold to any third party, nor let any third party to access for use.