News and Events

Winning Award at the Global Competition on Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Tsinghua University Alumni (6/27/2019)

At the recent global competition on Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Tsinghua University Alumni in April 2019, Dr. Haijun Xu, the R&D director of Fluid Modeling Group Canada made the presentation entitled, FMG Cloud Solution for Tank Emission Monitoring System, which received the prestigious award from the conference.

New FMG Cloud Modules (6/6/2019)

In an effort to upgrade our cloud products and services, and also as per the request from our clients, a couple of unique modules, Gas Injection and Miscible Displacement and Sulfur Solubility in Sour Gas have been added for your calculation experience. Please refer to the module descriptions on FMG online computation for detailed information.   

Presentation at the International Energy Conference in Inner Mongolia, China (9/10/2018)

At the recent International Energy Conference held in Inner Mongolia, China, August 10-12, 2018, Dr. Dan Zhang, CEO of Fluid Modeling Group Canada was invited to give the presentation entitled, “US CAAA 1990 Enforcement and China Opportunity”.

Business Alliance with ResFluid Solutions (4/6/2018)

We are extremely pleased to announce a business alliance with ResFluid Solutions, a group of technical experts with a wealth of expertise in many areas of fluid technology development and application who is committed to providing clients around the world with the products and services necessary for the successful operation of their fluids laboratories.

We Proudly Introduce to you our API Capability (2/26/2018)

As a service provider for Online Fluid Cloud Computing, we are dedicated to providing users with a simple and easy access to the relevant engineering software that is equal and superior to the traditional desktop software and is free of maintenance, upgrade and update. Based on this concept, we have recently designed and developed Web API (Application Programming Interface) that allows users to integrate our calculation modules into their desktop software, mobile apps, and even web sites to meet their own needs.

For instance, in the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system, the user requires the information of the fluid compositions, temperature and pressure in the pipelines to calculate the fluid properties and phase behavior in order to make the necessary adjustments on the production operations. Thus, to design and develop specified software is a must, which is time consuming and costly. Using our Web API, the user is able to integrate our modules quickly and seamlessly into their systems.   

We are now pleased to provide users with two modules through Web APP, Phase Envelope which includes Quality Lines and Cricondentherm Hydrocarbon Dew Point and Two Phase P-T flash calculation. Please refer to the document under “Help”, API - Introduction and Instruction.

The Web API is free for use until further notice.