What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing, also called on-demand computing is a new kind of computation based on the internet. The engineering program or application software, usually needs to be installed on a personal computer to execute the calculations, is now replaced by a server or servers that provide solutions to meet the demand from the customers and the enterprises. The user’s computer, or iPad or cell phone that is networking and given right to access to the server, will be able to perform the calculations, store and process the data, and transfer the tables and the plots as well as accomplish other tasks according to users’ needs. All the required computing resources and the various capabilities are hidden in the “cloud” to provide the services to the users. Cloud computing enables the engineers to run software programs and demonstrate their products and services world wide.

Cloud computing adopts a new business model of “pay as you go" and has become a highly demanded on-line service due to the advantages of high computing performance, cheap cost, high scalability, accessibility as well as availability.      

Cloud Computing vs Traditional Software

Cloud Computing

  • The computation is based on the internet with its calculation services provided to the user through one or multiple servers
  • No applications or patch files are required to install on the user’s side, neither any upgrades
  • The users may perform various types of calculations through PC, iPad or cell phone
  • The operations can be carried out anytime as long as the devices are connected to the internet
  • The user accesses to the Service by logging on to the server through username and password. And it is not limited to one particular computer, i.e., the account and password of the user can be shared among the individuals
  • A “pay as you go" business model is employed and no agreement needs to be signed

Traditional Software

  • A particular software application or applications and some patch files are required to install on the user’s computer
  • The requests for upgrades may occur from time to time and the fees for upgrades and maintenance are charged
  • The calculations are usually performed on PC only, and limited on the PC on which the application(s) are installed
  • The multiple licenses are usually required among colleagues within the enterprise
  • The license agreement and the permit to use, must be signed and granted before purchasing