Cloud Computing – Fluid Modeling

Fluid Modeling Group Canada Inc. is proud to provide you with this unique Cloud Computing Platform for fluid (oil and gas) property modeling and phase behavior simulation along with the consulting services and the customized project/product related to fluid calculations to meet with your special requirements.  

Incorporated in Edmonton, Canada, Fluid Modeling Group is comprised of a group of technical specialists with 30+ years of experience serving the environmental and oil and gas industries worldwide. Its key members once served well-known engineering software company founded by Professor D. B. Robinson, and engaged in design and developing the world renowned software product that became an industry standard. The vision of Fluid Modeling Group is to be a worldwide leader in providing reliable fluid property and phase behavior modeling technology and expertise. We will achieve this vision by supplying innovative and practical fluid property products and services that provide value for our customers. We are guided by our core values: Dedication to Customers; Value in People; Uncompromised Quality; and Persistent Innovation.

Our services include:

  • providing online cloud computing services on fluid modeling;
  • providing FMGCloud series products based on cloud technology
  • design and developing customized projects/products on fluid modeling; and
  • providing services on consultation and training, collaboration and technology transfer


  • Storage Tanks VOC Emission Estimation
  • Bubble Point and Dew Point
  • Phase Envelope and Quality Lines
  • Cricondentherm Hydrocarbon Dew Point
  • GC Reader and Fluid Recombination
  • Vapor-Liquid PT, PH, PS and PV Equilibrium
  • Gas-Oil-Water Phase Equilibrium
  • Characterization of Reservoir Fluids
  • Composition Gradient in Reservoir
  • Contamination Analysis of Reservoir Fluids
  • PVT Test Simulation
  • Gas Hydrate
  • Fluid PVT Properties
  • Fluid Property Toolbox


Please see all the available modules here:

All Calculation Modules

FMG is proud to offer customers with Cloud Technology-based products in a modular structure and can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs. Both Single PC and Network Enterprise Licenses are available.

  • FMGCloud_PVT
  • FMGCloud_Hydrate
  • FMGCloud_Tanks
  • FMGCloud_CHDP
  • FMGCloud_Sulfur
  • FMGCloud_Wax
  • FMGCloud_Asphaltene
  • FMGCloud_Shale O/G
  • FMGCloud_Misibility

FMGCloud Products Introduction

FMG develops fluid-related engineering project/product according to user specific requirements, such as

  • Coalbed Methane Pipe Flow Simulation
  • Real-time CHDP Predictions for Supervisory Control System
  • Sulfur Solubility in Sour Gas Mixtures
  • CO2 Capture Process Simulation
  • Cloud Database for Reservoir Fluids
  • Development of Customer-specified Cloud Computing Platform