Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium

Run Module

The calculation of vapor-liquid equilibrium is also named P-T flash calculation. It performs the calculation of the compositions in both vapor and liquid phases should the system exists vapor and liquid phases.

There are twelve (12) equations of state available for selection combined with the certain mixing rules:

  • Soave-Redlich-Kwong (SRK), 1972
  • Peng-Robinson (PR), 1978
  • Peng-Robinson (PR), 1976
  • Peng-Robinson (Magoulas & Tassios revision), 1990
  • Adachi-Lu-Sugie (ALS), 1983
  • Patel-Teja, 1982
  • Valderrama-Patel-Teja, 1990
  • Schmidt-Wenzel, 1980
  • Yu-Lu, 1987
  • Modified Du-Guo, 1989
  • Trebble-Bishnoi, 1987
  • Salim Modified Trebble-Bishnoi, 1994

If the reservoir fluids contain Cn+ (end) fraction, it may be required to perform a characterization on it (please see the calculation module of Characterization of End Fraction in Reservoir Fluids). The calculation results are displayed in term of table and plot.