PVT Properties

Run Module

Currently, four common PVT properties are provided:

  • Gas FVF
  • Oil FVF
  • GOR
  • Gas Recovery

The future development includes the following calculations of the PVT properties of oil, gas and formation water using the equations of state and the correlations.


  • Oil Formation volume factor, FVF(Bo
  • Bubble point
  • GOR
  • Viscosity of live oil (saturated)
  • Viscosity of live oil (unsaturated)
  • Viscosity of dead oil
  • Live oil compressibility (saturated, P<Pb)
  • Live oil compressibility (unsaturated, P>Pb)


  • Critical Properties (known gas compositions)
  • Critical Properties (known gas gravity)
  • Z Factor
  • Gas viscosity
  • Gas Compressibility


Formation water

  • Water formation volume factor, FVF(Bo
  • Solution gas-water ratio
  • Viscosity
  • Compressibility (saturated, P<Pb)
  • Compressibility (unsaturated, P>Pb)