Cricondentherm Hydrocarbon Dew Point

Run Module

The hydrocarbon dew point is the temperature at which the first “dew” comes out from a gas mixture for a given pressure. And the highest dew point temperature on a liquid-vapor curve is called cricondentherm hydrocarbon dew point (CHDP) (see the plot).

It is very important for the transportation companies to manage and control the hydrocarbon dew point in the gas transportation through pipelines and production facilities. The necessary measures must be taken to prevent hydrocarbon condensation at the cold conditions. By so doing it not only assures the quality of the gas streams but also prevents pipe corrosion due to the liquids (hydrocarbon and water) forming in the low areas and avoids potential fire and explosion hazards.    

The module of cricondentherm hydrocarbon dew point can be integrated into a company’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to provide the online real-time dew point predictions for multiple sites monitor and control.

As shown in the schematic diagram, a service designed to handle requests from multiple computers in online real-time mode runs as a back process, which receives the data from SCADA through TCP/IP, calls the module to perform the dew point calculations and sends the results back through TCP/IP.